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We’re scaling collective sensemaking across cultural, philosophical, and ideological divides.

How does it work?

  • Eureka breaks conversation down into three parts: sharing, responding, and the mixer (casual conversation). Each person is given a specific time to share, usually 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Between each person’s share, everyone is given quiet time to write a thoughtful response.
  • After each round, a rank-choice vote determines whose shares and responses were most resonant to the group.
  • Subsequent rounds reorganize the subgroups according to these scores, while also weighing each person’s voting capacity according to their resonance. This means that if a person is voted as “highly resonant”, then thier votes for others will count for more than a less-resonant person’s votes.

What does it look like?

The current open-source version of Eureka is offered as a simple Google Sheets document. Online play will require a video or messaging app to play through, such as Zoom or Telegram. In-person play can be done on pen and paper, or using a hybrid model with the Google Sheet version. See it in action here:

Note: What was reffered to as “believability” in this video is now known as “resonance”

click here to copy v1 (stable)
click here to copy v2 (unstable)

Why is it necessary?

Online dialogue is broken. Emoji’s, likes, upvotes, and downvotes are not enough to communicate the value of our ideas on the web. Trolling, brigading, and other bad-faith activity has come to define the digital commons.

By taking conversations slowly, listening with intention, and assigning a relative value to each person’s share and response, we get closer to the type of dialogue that happens naturally when we’re communicating in-person. For more on this, read: It’s a Small Town Thing

How do I play?

As of August 20th, 2020, I (Adam) am packing/moving and unable to host games. If you’d like to host a game, use the links on this page to copy the v1 or v2 sheet and get your friends together for a game. If you want help with that, email me at info@eurekathegame.com. Sign up using the form below to stay up to date when we get official games going again.

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